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Door Latch Assembly Drivers (Left) Front
Part #3B1-837-015-AS
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Manufacturer: Genuine Volkswagen

Most commonly the door latches on Volkswagen models are replaced due to intermittent alarm issues.  This is a result of the microswitch inside this door latch assembly going bad which will sporadically make the vehicle think the door has been opened setting the alarm off.  This problem can come from any of the 4 door latches so it is best to have the vehicle properly diagnosed to ensure that you are replacing the correct part.  Another way to help identify the door latch that is beginning to fail is to check which door will not turn on the interior light when opened(be sure the dome light of the vehicle is set to turn on when the door is opened).  

This part is referred to by the vehicles diagnostic system as (J386) 

Previous versions 3B1-837-015-AK, 3B1837015AK, 3B1-837-015-J, 3B1837015J

How to replace this Drivers Front Door Latch


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